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Recycling services are not designed to provide security. Nor do they comply with regulations regarding destruction of your documents. Your documents are transported in their entirety, so if an accident should occur, your confidential information is open to everyone.

If recycling is part of your environmental mandate, you are still able to fulfill it with Clean Cut Shredding. We recycle all of your documents, after they are destroyed, into a variety of useful paper products.

It’s much more cost-effective to work with Clean Cut Shredding. Time is money, and the time your employees spend separating paper, removing paper clips and staples, and doing the actual shredding is time that could be spent on more profitable business pursuits.

Installation of a shredder, as well as labor, maintenance and disposal costs are usually much higher than expected (not to mention the noise, mess and dust produced by an office shredder).

Every document eventually outlives its useful purpose. And retaining them too long can put you in jeopardy of non-compliance under the privacy legislation. How long business records are stored should be determined by a retention schedule that takes into consideration the records usefulness to the business as well as legal requirements.

From a risk management perspective, once this period has passed, the only acceptable way of discarding these records is to destroy them using a method of complete destruction. Shredding is the safest way to ensure that documents are completely destroyed. And a Certificate of Destruction which documents the exact date and method used is not only prudent but a legal requirement.

The destroyed documents, in the form of confetti-sized pieces, are transferred directly to a recycling facility. Once there, they return to the marketplace in the form of items such as recycled household paper products.

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